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► How making a fiction film

magnified my reality ◄

Sometimes when I create.. I remember having these desires as a child.

Firstly, I would find books, movies, and songs to be very interesting to dive into. However, most stories developed in only 1 direction, revealing plots, which bothered me. Near the end, even the main character turned out to be secondary to the plot. It felt superficial.

I remember wanting to know more about the characters and the world they lived in. Like, what did they have for dinner and what made them go to the park in the first place?

Don’t get me wrong; too much explanation would be equally boring. I love mysterious characters and worlds. Receiving just enough detail to spark imagination in works of art for sure = a balancing act.

Speaking about mysteries, I also couldn’t get enough of personality tests. I was curious to unravel more about the mystery that = me and couldn’t shake the question: WHO AM I  ?⃝

Both desires stem from the interest of finding out more about myself, and still, it’s the research of a lifetime.

Making a fiction film really took things to a whole new level. It’s not new to say that works reveal (an aspect) of their authors. I think it’s impossible to leave urself out of what u create. Engaging urself in to it, rather than automating a task. However, even then, it’s difficult to keep the slightest signature hidden.

As we wrote the script and eventually created the film, we were encouraged to stay true to ourselves (our own lives + interests). Now that it’s almost done, I’m still surprised by how the story and world reflect our personalities, challenges, and goals. The entire creation process revealed a lot to me.

It was clear that I would play the main character in the film, not only for the sake of the story, but also because it would allow the film to be made without the added pressure of limited time and budget of working with a hired actor.

When we dreamed up the main character, we envisioned a more exaggerated version of myself. This made me realize how our clothes can represent who we are. Before that, I had never thought about that in such a direct way. Have you?

During filming, most of the shooting took place on set inside. However, when we filmed outside and I walked around in the character’s outfit to get sandwiches, the film stretched into my everyday life.

It all happened natural. Film-making and our personal lives became entwined and fuel for each other. I found out it’s true u are the director of ur life and at the same time the main character in a co-written script.

U know what = also interesting? The more you understand urself, the more connected u feel to others. Being human means we share similar feelings, fears, and desires. It = paradoxical because we have our own unique perspective, too. Intriguing.

The fiction film = titled God In All and will premiere soon.

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