I started with writing poetry & (prose-like) stories. When making a film all my interests (text, photography, performance, music, compositions of color and form) are united into one medium.

For me, in a film, all arts work together to become one accessible and compact piece. I am interested in creating a film in which every aspect serves and completes the whole and builds a sensible detailed world. I’m interested in creating a film that is authentic and stands on its own.

My aim = to create art. That’s why with every project I get to work on, I like to be involved in every aspect of the creative process. Whether as a producer or director, I want to create that which adds to life and inspires being alive.



Fine Arts, Groningen, Minerva Art Academy (2007-2011 Bachelor) 

Fine Arts, Dublin, National College of Art & Design (2010 Exchange Student)

Arts, Culture and Media - Film minor, Groningen, RUG (2013 - 2014 Pre-Master)

+ Life, All round (since May, 1989)